Customer Service

The aims of our Customer Service department is to guarantee maximum satisfaction to our customers. Years of experience has permitted our personnel to offer the knowledge and resources required to select and put into practice the following patterns of quality :
Reliability, Efficiency and performance:
Customers will find in our products the characteristics required in high performing and most efficient equipment needed for a most successful process organization and programming. Standards and costs are quite competitive. Research and development have undergone impressive improvements so as to satisfy each and every bulk handling and process requirement.
A happy customer will come back and ask us to solve any of the diverse requirements in their process plants or even just place enquiries in our consultancy program to organize future investments.
We are provided with a flexible organization that is especially attentive to market changes and able to monitor process organizations. The results lead to more efficient, qualitative and competitive benefits, which are offered to customers.
“The customer above all !” We know that the customer does not only look for equipment, but needs also advice, organization, problem-solving, technical knowledge, and programming. We invest on our customers, his total and long-term satisfaction is our reward.
Our bulk handling specialists with world-wide experience are at your disposal to satisfy the diverse needs you may presently have in your plant, managing also long-term plans or consultancy requirements.

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