Cavicchi Impianti produces machines for bag and jar packaging perfectly suitable for a variety of sectors including food, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical industries. Our packaging machines are equipped with an electro-pneumatic bag locking system for difficult-to-flow products. All our packaging equipment offer perfect combination of easy-of-use features and programming.

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Filling of bag and cans in the foodstuff, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. Weighing range from 50g up to 10 Kg. Electro-pneumatic bag clamping system. 

Packaging - Stil

Semi automatic vertical filling machine with high speed auger for non free-flowing products. 30 l load hopper with bridge-breaker device.

Packaging - Top Stil

Weigh-filling system equipped with a display for the electronic setting of  the weight (maximum 50 kg).Fitted with wheels for easy and fast positioning to where required.Easy to use and set.Weighing equipment homologated.

Semi-automatic Weigh-Filling units

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