Vibrating Screeners

Vibrating screen or sieve also called Circular screen is an instrument used for sieving (or screening) of granular substances necessary for classification and quality control of powders, granulates and solid material including dry and wet conditions. The main fields of application include food, chemical, environmental, plastic industry and material recycling.

Cavicchi Impianti vibrating screen products are available in different sizes ranging from Ø500 up to Ø1500, to satisfy complete range of analysis requirements. The equipment features anti-clogging solutions for internal parts, consisting of plastic cylinders, rubber balls and ultrasound systems.

Vibrating screen production by Cavicchi Impianti features certifications such as ATEX for use of instruments in places with a potentially explosive atmosphere and FDA compliance ensure use in contact with food substances. Our products work with both vertical and horizontal vibrating movements, adjustable with different speeds.

Reliability and precision, ease of use and maintenance, flexibility and durability define vibrating screen by Cavicchi Impianti.

Available diameters from 500 mm . to 1500 mm.Equipped with anti-clogging systems of the net with the aid of FDA-certified rubber balls, plastic cylinders or ultrasound systems.

Vibrating Screeners

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