Cavicchi Impianti manufactures equipment for the production process of powders and granules for the foodstuff, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, livestock and herbal sector.

Materials handled

This is but a very short list of major products, frequently and most efficiently handled, in the various industries. For any further information, on materials not listed, please contact us. Every single product has its specific characteristics. Our laboratory is available to test any bulk material so as ensure to supply the most appropriate processing equipment.

To guarantee customer's satisfaction materials can be run through our vast range of dosers, blenders, conveyors and semi-automatic packaging equipment.

We list below some of the products, specified by industry sector, frequently handled. For any further information, on materials not listed, please contact us.

Our trial department is available to all who have the need to solve problems related to conveying, dosing, mixing and semi-automatic bagging.

Cavicchi impianti - Settori di impiego

Cavicchi impianti - Settori di impiego


Foodstuff Industry

Starch, additives, aromatising powders, cacao, coffee, carbonates, cereals, seeds, dextrose, flours, potato flour, jelly powders, ice cream powders, ingredients according to recipes, milk powder, dried or frozen legumes, dried fruit, baking powder, almonds, nuts, chilli-peppers or powder, pepper, any ground powder, children's dry powder and/or flaky foodstuffs, frozen-dried products, rice, salt, spices, vanilla and similar products, sugar and similar, etc.


Plastics Industry

Granule and/or powder masterbatches, organic pigments, powder resins, PVC, PE, PA, stearics, carbons, carbonates, flakes and/or pellets reground materials, regenerated products, reground from feedheads and refuse, epoxy powders/resins, phenolic resins, talcum powders, oxides and bioxides, polycarbonates, etc.

Cosmetics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries antcryptogamin lignite

Acids, carbonates, coals, Calcium hydrate, chlorides, kaolin, detergents, powder or flaky soaps, disinfectants, anticryptogamic products, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, colours and paints, plaster, ink, water depuration products, pharmaceutical powders, organic and synthetic fertilizers, phosphates, chalk, graphite, nitrates, lignites (brown coal), oxides and biocides, perfumes and essences, potassium, sodium, cosmetic powders and sands, sulphates, active carbons, cork, cosmetic earth, powders and talcum powder, etc.

Zootechnical Industry

Fodder, manure, isinglass.

Herbs and Macrobiotics Industry

Herbal and Macrobiotic products.




Equipment for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Sector

Equipment for the Foodstuff Sector

Equipment for the Plastic Industry

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