Discover Cavicchi Impianti’s wide range of conveyors for powders and granules: rigid, pneumatic and vertical screw systems for conveying of powders, granules and blends. Besides efficiency and simplicity of vertical conveyors, flexible screw systems from Cavicchi Impianti represent cost effective conveying solution because of its reduced maintenance and versatility. These screw-based pipe carriers for powders are perfectly designed to cover any distance, vertically, horizontally, through all angles, and capable to manage any type of obstacles.

Performance advantages of spiral conveyors are perfectly brought in Cavicchi Impianti products.

Made in Italy automatic conveyor systems are manufactured using carbon or stainless steel spirals while high quality materials of spiral screw conveyor tubes ensure its perfect resistance against vibrations and wear. Representing excellence in averaging and transportation as well as dosing and weighing, Cavicchi Impianti offers silent, dust-tight and flexible spiral conveyor solutions certified for food industry.

Perfect for powders, granules and blends, Cavicchi Impianti conveying systems are really simple to install use and clean. Cavicchi Impianti vertical screw conveyors are suitable for any existing equipment thanks to screw technology brought to perfection. Extended compatibility opportunities are also based by wide range of powder conveyors offered on both local and international markets.

All the products offer high performances and reliability, and can be easily added to existing plants and connected to hoppers, mixers and bulk bag-emptying units.

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The flexible mechanical conveyors are easy to install, to use and to clean.Rilsan PA12 tube foodstuff certified. Available in several diameter sizes, according to production requirement.Resistant to torsion, vibrations and wear and tear.Suitably designed to cover any length, horizontally, vertically or at any angle, and capable to overcome any type of obstruction.

Flexible screw conveyors

Ideal for conveying powders, granules and blends. High speed rate and compact overall dimensions.

Rigid Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors ideal for conveying powders and granules.

Pneumatic conveyors - mod.TPN

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