Bulk Bag and Big Bag

Cavicchi Impianti offers wide range of solutions in bulk bag handling (filling and emptying) and granules and powder batching systems: machines for discharging, filling and weighing powder products.
We can produce customized plants following different market requests and big bag measures.
Consulting services together with manufacturing capabilities and experience, enable this company to offer tailor-made equipment to satisfy any problem arising from conveying, blending, dosing and weighing bulk products such as free-flowing and non-free-flowing and granules.
Cavicchi Impianti’s engineering specialized staff create and manufacture economic and efficient solutions adaptable to solve any individual problem encountered in that precise moment with a projection for the future.

Our equipment is built according to regulations n. 1086 dated 5th Nov, 1971, and Ministerial order n.14 enforced as from 1st July 2009 (New Technical Regulations on Constructions harmonized with European Regulations from EN1990 to EN1999) and are delivered with an antiseismic certificate for the areas in which this is required.


Big Bag filling system on load cells with manual lock bag system and pneumatic valve.

Big Bag Filling and weighing

Bulk bag unloading station with closing system, allowing retying of partially empty bag, in case full contents is not required and replacement with other bag. Equipped with flexible conveyor and a two-flow deviation control valve.

Partially discharging

Automatic sloping platform for Octabins, designed to facilitate exit of product without operator being present. Split frame for easy hooking of Bulk Bag straps and adjustable in height. Pneumatic control for lifting sloping platform.

Octabins discharging

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