Partially discharging

Cavicchi Impianti - Svuotamento parziale
Cavicchi Impianti - Svuotamento parziale
Cavicchi Impianti - Svuotamento parziale

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Technical details
  • Emptying structures equipable with crane or suitable for forklift;
  • Bulk bag unloading station with closing system, allowing retying of partially empty bag, in case full contents is not required and replacement with other bag;
  • Equipable with flexible conveyor and a two-flow deviation control valve;
  • Can be integrated with high-precision weighing systems;
  • Can be connected to mechanical or pneumatic conveyors;
  • Simple and safe use for operators, these structures are equipped with safety doors for bag unfasting and opening;
  • Collecting hopper with different capacity equipable with capacity sensors or vibrators;
  • Adjustable structure for any big-bag size;
  • Different grade of stainless inox available for any sector;
  • Arrangeable for Industry 4.0;
  • ATEX and/or FOOD GRADE certification available.

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