Cavicchi Impianti manufactures complete range of powder mixing machines and blending equipment for a wide range of applications. We offer horizontal and vertical mixer machinery, conical screw mixers for powder and granules, ribbon blending machines, mobiles units fitted with wheels and much more. Our team of professionals is focused on performance and quality features of industrial mixers to meet the widest range of needs. Using all types of powder mixing we designed optimal made-to-measure solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and more industries.

Automatic mixer solutions for powder are introduces with horizontal and vertical machines using batching option and adjustable, electronic-controlled mixing speed. The advantages of vertical and horizontal models designed by Cavicchi Impianti are carried to perfection.

Vertical screw mixer is particularly suitable for frequent product change-over and fast, homogeneous mixing while horizontal mixing allows extended load capacity and easy to use features. The benefits of horizontal mixers include modernized, compact design with a variety of models as well as a wide range of functional features. Use of multiple containers simplifies the process of changing and storage while vertical mixing auger and rotating arm are essential for rapid, homogeneous mixing of powders and granules. Wheeled version represents ideal solution for limited space where vertical automatic mixers are used with several machines. Rigid industrial mixers offer extended load capacity, precise yet solid construction, fast and simple loading features including rapid mixing option.


Product change-over and storage simplified thanks to utilisation of several different containers.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Compact, modern and functional design.                                                                                                                                                                                                          May be entirely built in stainless steel for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries.Designed, constructed and finished to satisfy any industrial and sanitary standard.

Automatic mixers - mod. MM2/A

Horizontal mixers - mod. MOR

Mixers for granules and ground products of different sizes .Engineered for reliability and workers’ security.

Rigid auger - mod. MOC

Available in versions from 180 up to 500 litres Fitted with wheels: they can be used on several machines and positioned even where space is limited.Can be connected to flexible and pneumatic conveyors. The MM2.ED series is equipped with an incorporated, automatically controlled heater to provide hot air.

Wheeled mixers mod. MM2/N MM2/ED

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