Batching units

Cavicchi Impianti creates batching units for powders and granules, suitable for various industrial sectors such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic.
A wide range of powder handling systems is available to suit different levels of capacity and precision, as well as free-flowing and non-free flowing products.
Can be provided in volumetric or gravimetric versions.
Our gravimetric dosing units guarantee precision and accuracy in the dosage of granules and powders, they are easy to use and require low maintenance.
The automatic batching units are equipped with an electronically - controlled gravimetric regulation system.

Batching units for all types of powders, particularly suitable for non-free flowing products.


High-accuracy batching by means of electronic weighing devices


Flat-bottomed batching extractor for non free-flowing and difficult products.This type of batching unit can be equipped with a second batching screw as shown in the side picture.


Filling machine with vibrating channel for small cans or bags with weighing device and adjustable frame.The vibrating channels are used for fragile products like cereal flakes.


Integrated unit for dosing and turbo-mixing.The output can be adjusted by inverter. Adjustable turbo-mixing speed from electrical panel.

Dosing and Turbo-mixing

High reliability and batching accuracy for the dosage of granules and powders. Dosing units easy to use, with low maintenance. Mixing system for powder dosing with electronically-controlled volumetric regulation. Painted Carbon steel and stainless steel versions available on request. 

Automatic batching units

Ideal for feeding and dosing fragile products such as oatmeal, chips, oven-popped rice, etc.

Vibrating channels

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