• Mixers

    Cavicchi Impianti manufactures complete range of powder mixing machines and blending equipment for a wide range of...
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  • Conveyors

    Discover Cavicchi Impianti’s wide range of conveyors for powders and granules: rigid, pneumatic and vertical screw...
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  • Bulk Bag

    Cavicchi Impianti offers wide range of bulk bag handling and powder batching systems: machines for discharging,...
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  • Batching units

    Cavicchi Impianti creates batching units for powders and granules, suitable for various industrial sectors such as...
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  • Dosing groups

    Our gravimetric dosing units guarantee precision and accuracy in the dosage of granules and powders, they are easy...
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  • Wheeled units

    Wheeled units with flexible screw conveyor or rigid auger.
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  • Packaging

    Cavicchi Impianti produces machines for bag and jar packaging perfectly suitable for a variety of sectors including...
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  • Hoppers

    Fixed and wheeled vessels.To be used with mechanical or pneumatic conveyors.Tough, highly accurate, stainless steel...
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  • Vibrating Screeners

    Vibrating screen or sieve also called Circular screen is an instrument used for sieving (or screening) of granular...
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Discover Cavicchi Impianti's bulk handling equipment and custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide systems.  

Equipment for the Foodstuff Sector

  We design and produce equipment and plants for foodstuff industries. Our know-how allows us to develop standard or customized plants with guaranteed precision and reliability; All the...

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Equipment for the Plastic Industry

  We design and produce equipment and plants for plastic industries. Our know-how allows us to develop standard or customized plants with guaranteed precision and reliability; All the equipment...

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International Leader

For over 40 years, Cavicchi Impianti has been a unique point of reference in the bulk material handling industry. In terms of reliability and specialization, its products represent the most efficient and complete solutions for conveying, mixing, dosing and weighing dry products in general, like powders and granules.

The ability to provide consulting services together with high manufacturing skills and experience, enable the company to offer tailor-made equipment to satisfy any problem arising from the conveyance, blending, dosage and weighing of bulk products such as free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders and granules. The company provides bulk bag handling equipment of various types: conveyors (rigid, pneumatic and industrial screw conveyors), blending equipment, etc.

The specialized engineering staff of Cavicchi Impianti’s create and manufacture cost-effective and efficient solutions that are adequate to solve any individual problem that could arise at a given moment. From mixers and blending equipment to batching units and dosing groups, every machine is custom-made according to the client’s needs and wishes.

Customer satisfaction is both the vision and mission of the company, and the reason behind the consequent introduction of new and innovative ideas, always paying careful attention to the requests of the clients. The result of this mindset is the wide range of products and machines available: bulk bag handling equipment, conveyors, batching units, blending and weighing machines and much more. The great attention for quality, together with a constant technical updating

of the professional standards of its engineers and equipment is what boosts the creation of new ideas and the innovation in designs and technology, as well as the improvement in the quality of the services provided.


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